Hi Chris & Scott

WOW! We cannot say enough about Rumplestiltskin. I have been to several weddings and have never seen a dance floor so packed. The talent in this band is unlike anything we have ever seen. Their voices were phenominal but their energy, entertainment factor and ability to ignite a room was what really blew everyone away. We had more people come up to us that night (and in the weeks to follow) commenting that this was the best band they had ever seen. We can't say enough about what they brought to our wedding reception. Chris was a pleasure to work with and took the time to go through all of the details and flow of the evening with us. The female vocalists were so good it was chilling. Thank you for making a party we will never forget!

Lauren Herzog

Dear Rumplestiltskin
    Thank you so much for playing and singing at our son's wedding reception this past weekend in Kalamazoo! You were awesome!! You rocked!!  We absolutely love you all and are so grateful you all were willing to come help us celebrate these big moments in our lives! Everyone had such a great time! People in our town are still talking about it! So much fun!  Well, you have helped us celebrate two of our three children.  We hope you'll come back when we celebrate our third child's wedding! (No boyfriend yet..... but we have a band!) Thanks again for everything!
Scott & Jan Spoelhof
    (Holland, MI)

Hello,                                                                                                                                                       Just a quick note to say how much we (and our guests ) enjoyed Rumplestiltskin performing at our wedding reception at the Shoreby Club on June 13th. They brought such great energy and were very accommodating with special touches/requests with the first dance songs. Our guests are still talking about how much fun dancing they had. Many thanks again!                                                                      Whitney & David Bere'

Dear Mr. McCants,

     I wanted to let you know how much we all appreciated the incredible, outstanding music you played for my daughter's wedding (Ilana  Bain) on July 5 at Meadow Brook in Rochester, Michigan. From the moment she showed me the short video on the internet, I fell in love with your group.  I was so excited that we were able to book you for the event.  Little did I realize how much better you'd be even in person.  I can't begin to write all the superlatives I'd want to say like: fabulous, fantastic, marvelous, out of this world, etc.  Your band absolutely made the party!  From the romantic and soft ...to the jazzy... to the hip hop... to the classic rock...to the motown...to the dance hits...to the standards...you did it all...and you did it so well!  There were some songs that were so absolutely beautiful that I had tears in my eyes!  The musicians and singers were all top-notched!
     I have heard from so many people, and of course the one thing that I keep hearing over and over was that you were the best band anyone has ever heard at a wedding!  Everyone keeps asking for your band's name and then will tell me that this was the best party they've ever been to, and the band made it so! 
     I can't thank you enough for such a tremendous evening.  You are the best...and we were the luckiest!  It was our absolute pleasure to work with you and please know that we are all so full of gratitute for the night you provided our children, Ilana and Glen Roth.
     We feel so blessed to have had the privilege of having you play at the wedding and again, although just words, please know the extreme appreciation we have for the show and music you put on for us!  If ever we can give a recommendation or referral, please contact us!

Nancy Bain

Almost forgot! 5 stars, May 25th wedding Highlight of the Night- Rumpelstiltskin posted 8/6/2013 We are positive that we could not have hired a better band for our night. The dance floor was packed all night long. They had a few people slow dancing during dinner, and the rest of the night the party was hopping. At one point, the bands lead singer, was singing, while laying on his back and kicking his legs in the air. The crowd LOVED it! They also read the crowd really well, and only took 1 break (even though their contract said they could have 3). If you want people dancing and you want people to have fun at your wedding, hire rumpelstiltskin. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Hi Kim & Chris,I'm finally back to "real" life...wedding/honeymoon life was much more fun!
I just wanted to take a minute to write you both a belated thank you for making my wedding such a memorably perfect evening.
Chris--Rumplestiltskin was AMAZING. Seriously, I couldn't have imagined a more fun wedding. Everyone danced from the first second to the last second of the party, which was exactly the type of party I wanted, so I was delighted!! You played so many great songs from so many different genres, I was amazed at how whatever you played seemed to be the perfect song for the moment to keep people dancing and having fun--you appealed to all ages and different music-type lovers.
Kim--thank you for all the help setting up the timeline, etc. It all went so smoothly and you made me feel at ease during the planning process. 
Again, thank you both so much. Like I said, in my mind, it was the most perfect night definitely due in large part to both of your contributions.

Hi Chris,   Don’t know how to tell you how much we enjoyed my son’s wedding Saturday night.  Most important of all, how muchMatthew and his new bride enjoyed you.  They kept coming up to me all night long and thanking me and my husband, and telling us that this band made their wedding!  I know I told you that you would enjoy Matthew, now I’m sure you know what I meant by that.  The idea came to me while driving just before their engagement party.  I stopped for coffee, remembered youguys playing and my oldest son’s friends wedding,  called you, you answered the phone and said that June 14th was the only opening you had, at least in June. I knew then it was meant to be. Hadn’t even finished my coffee yet.Talked it over with my husband, and have waited every day  since then to see the look on my son’s face, that I saw all night long.  As I told you before, Matthew has “saved" many weddings,  getting a hesitant crowd up to dance,winding a dance train through a hall of very uncooperative guests, till they finally stood up and had a great time.  He was nervous not having heard you guys, and I kept telling him to just trust him mom, which he did!
When I walked in to the Masonic, I heard you guys rehearsing Kenny G, and my heart literally skipped a beat.I ran to my husband and said, “Listen, Listen, they’re going to do it!”  I watched you guys from the balconybut you were so busy practicing you didn’t see me.  Tried to give you the thumbs up of how pleased I was.Heard Kenny G play at Orchestra Hall  a year ago Christmas, and will never forget it!  Know how late I got my request to youso couldn’t believe you did that, yet alone twice.  I will say you guy sounded like you were having fun with it, and suggest youput it on your song list.  People absolutely loved it!  Other best memories, when Matthew sang “my girl” with you to his new bride, and  soul train sung by Megan’s cousin.   Our guests have told us over and over what a great time they had, and how phenomenal your band was.   You guys and gals are so personable, felt like you knew us!
Just wanted you to share these sentiments with everyone in the band.  Hope you had a good time as well.Would have emailed you Monday, but we had a funeral and my grandson had surgery, so this is my first opportunityto get back to you.  Keep in touch, let me know if “Kenny G” gets added to your list.  You have no idea whatthat meant when I walked in and heard it playing from a distance.  I just knew at that moment it was going to bea phenomenal night, as it was.  God’s Blessings to each and every one of you.  Thank you again for making myson’s wedding, a night he will never forget!
Chris (and Mike) Moore

I'll bet you guys hear this a lot - you guys were great!  It was a bit sad to learn how many of the young wedding guests had never heard a live band before seeing Rumplestiltskin. You blew them away. And, I knew you would. No wedding with a DJ will ever seem as good. No wedding or event with a DJ is as good. The hospitality - well, it was not. Sorry to say it, but I have had enough 06:00 flights that start long days and lead to late dinners to know what starting in Akron and ending in Grand Rapids at 01:00 the following day would mean. I brought you in early in my own self interest and I feel like a genius. I do not feel like a genius too often. I was happy to pay for your time because you delivered. That's a fact.
You guys are professional. Really. It was (in every sense) our pleasure. Thank you.
I have another son, Max who is 21. Don't put away your drum sticks. sir........
Please thank the band on behalf of me, my wife and the bride and groom.
Kind regards,
Jud Bradford

Dear Chris and Rumpelstiltskin,
Now that Mike and I have settled into real life after the wedding, we wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire band for the AMAZING performance at our wedding on september 28th. Rumpelstiltskin truly made the night and our friends and family continue to talk about what an incredible performance you gave. We have been told by every guest that it was the best wedding band they had ever seen and Mike and I couldn't agree more. Your energy was truly electric and everyone from our twenty something friends to my 85 year old grandpa was out on the dance floor. I am astounded by the range of music you played, the charismatic choreography, and obviously, your band's incredible vocal and instrumental talents. Jerry Bruno was correct in saying that your band is one of the most talented bands in the country. Music can make or break an event and we were very particular in choosing music for our wedding. We could not be more happy that we chose Rumpelstiltskin. In addition to the truly exceptional music, your band was incredibly professional, kind and accommodating - you absolutely delivered first rate service all around. Mike and I would be happy to be a reference should you ever need one. Thank you for making our wedding the night we had always dreamed of!
With sincere gratitude,
Nicole & Mike Byrne
Nicole Pucci, M.A.
Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Case Western Reserve University

Mr. Peraino,
    Kate and I are writing to express our satisfaction with Lorio-Ross Entertainment, yourself, and specifically the band members of Rumplestiltskin.
    Kate and I want to emphasize that we wanted to write a thoughtful and thorough letter to you to express our happiness, and for that reason did not immediately write. We preferred to wait until all of our thank-you letters were complete so we could address our pleasure without haste. We would like to offer ourselves as a reference source for any person/couple that may be seriously contemplating booking Rumplestiltskin for their event. We would be more than happy to write a letter, or talk in person to anyone requesting an opinion on the matter, at any time. We would begin by offering the following comments to these persons:
       Rumplestiltskin is first and foremost composed of friendly, kind, and professional individuals. Chris McCants, as the bandleader, was receptive to our wishes and in the end provided exactly the service he promised.
      Each and every individual in the band is an exceptional musician. All lead vocalists have a wonderful vocal range, and more importantly have very distinctive and unique voices. Ms. Small must be one of the most talented female singers available, anywhere. Sam, likewise, has a classic and incomparable voice.  These two singers deserve much credit and praise. Furthermore, and not to minimized in any way, the musicians are exceptional both individually, and as an ensemble. Two of the finest songs of the evening were a saxophone centered instrumental performance of"Misty" and an amazing rendition of "A Wonderful World" with trumpet solos.

Hi Chris
Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you and all the members of your wonderful band! Hope you had happy holidays.
We want to send all of you a big thank you for the most wonderful wedding reception, ever! You guys made our evening AMAZING and AWESOME!! You are all so talented and fabulous!! Our guests are STILL talking about you! We were all so impressed and loved sharing every minute with you! I could go on for hours about how you truly are the best band out there and made our wedding a truly special event. We will never forget the amazing concert experience you gave us! We had the most incredible time, and our guests were blown away by you. Even our 97 year old grandmother said that she loved the band.
Thank you again for an spectacular evening. We would love to see you perform sometime soon. We hope to see you again. We will definitely reccomend you to anyone who wants to have the very best at their wedding.
All the best to all of you, always! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
With  much love and gratitude,
Alicia & Kristian Heidenreich
Wedding 8/17/13
PS- Please feel free to use any of the photos below for advertising, website, etc.
Thank you, thank you, again!

Dear Chris & Rumplestiltskin,
    Thank you so much for an amazing performance at our wedding on May 24th. People are still talking about how awesome y'all were and how much fun they had. You were the perfect band for our party crowd and we can't thank you enough for putting on such a high energy yet sophisticated show. You are awesome!
Kristin & Ross Kessler

To Whom it May Concern,
> I am writing regarding the band Rumplestiltskin. They played at an event
> this past Saturday in Chicago for Plante & Moran and were outstanding. I
> don't know how to get ahold of them and this seemed to be the only way,
> through your company.
> I attended this event and just wanted them to know how much everyone
> enjoyed them. This is not a big dancing crowd because of the type of
> event that it was, but everyone that we talked to that night loved their
> music, even though they weren't dancing. This was the coming together of
> several offices from different states and the first meeting of two
> separate firms that had just merged. I know that a band must get their
> energy from the crowd and let's face it, this crowd was standing around
> visiting with their backs turned. Even with this, the band had so much
> energy! The main thing is that they know how much their music and energy
> was enjoyed. I wanted to pull a chair up to the front and just watch
> them, but was not able to do so. Towards the end of the night, I was
> hoping to meet up with the band to compliment them, but wasn't able to do
> that either!
> Anyway, thank you Rumplestiltskin for the fabulous entertainment!
> Sincerely,
> Mary Krater