SAMUEL MCCANTS: Lead Vocals, Keyboards,  Co-Founder of Rumplestiltskin . Playing music has been the source of Sams lively hood his entire adult life. Sam has had recordings on Arista Records, Atlantic Records,  Amherst Records, and Heat Records, and has shared stages with the top entertainers in the business. RUMPLESTILTSKINS"I Think I Want To Dance With You" went to # 5 on the European Charts. Other original songs that were hits are being sampled by several  new Artists, most recent being  The Black Eyed Peas which used a sample in "MY HUMPS". Sams true love is performing. If you have had the oportunity to see him live, you have witnessed the amazing talent of this man. The raw energy of his performance will leave you exhausted  just watching .

INGRID SHEPHERD          Lead Vocalist.     Ingrid began her musical career in the theatre. Performing in touring productions she perfected capturing an audience with her talent instead of theatrics. Ingrid is responsible for 80% of the incredible choreography displayed by Rumplestiltskin.  Ingrid's superb vocal ability brings back reflections of Whitney Houston, that is why she is heard on several recordings in the Detroit area. Singing everything from  Rhianna to Aretha,  Ingrid is truly an entertainer. 

CHRIS MCCANTS,    Drummer & Band Leader     Chris co-founded Rumplestiltskin with brother Sam McCants. After working in recording groups since High School, Chris has recorded and written songs for Arista Records, Atlantic Records, Amherst Records,  Heat Records and Montage Records. Although some of the songs have reached the national charts, the most successful has been the sample that was used in "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas. Although Chris is an excellent musician his skills as Sound and light tech garners him praises nightly. Guests often comment "we thought we were listening to a recording".

C.C.   Lead Vocalist     CC is considered the premier vocalist in the metropolitan Cleveland area. After years of being the Vocalist to call if you need some excitement in your band. CC chose to bring her soulful vocal styling and explosive stage performance to Rumplestiltskin. CC brings another level of showmanship to the stage. Her strong sultry voice and Tina Turner influenced performance makes every song a mini concert. Whether it's Lady GaGa or Gladys Knight, CC is gonna give you a show.

BRADFORD MCGHEE        Bass, Vocals.  Music major from the University of Florida. Brad has taught music in private and college formats. Living in Detroit, New York and currently Cleveland.  Brad has performed with several of the original Motown Stars, and Jazz legends of New York. As an essential part of the foundation of the band, his rock solid Bass technique along with suberb dancing ability is a combination that makes other bass men watch in amazement.

EDDIE TAYLOR   Trumpet, Vocals, Keyboards        Eddie considers the Trumpet his main instrument, but you can't help but be amazed at the ovations he receives each time he sings "A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. His rich baritone and soulful trumpet solo gives his rendition an authenticity rivaled only by  Louis Armstrong himself.  Eddie has studied with legend Marcus Belgrade and now shares his vast professional experiences with the young music students of  Detroit. Eddie is a hard working musician. When there is a break with Rumplestiltskin he plays with Motown legend band the Dramatics.

 DON WHYTE      Sax, Vocals, Keyboard             Don is the most sought after Sax man in Detroit. His vast talents are displayed in each Rumplestiltskin performance. Don's vocal and sax combinations on Junior Walkers "Shotgun and What does it take" would land him as the "Front Man" in many bands. Dons silky smooth voice on "Ooh Baby Baby" would make Smokey proud.. Don is a trained pianist from early childhood but once he picked up a saxophone he found his true musical genius. His tasteful solos are as good if not better than any of the so called "greats".

KEVIN BYOUS musician extraordinaire. Kevin is a vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist. The talent and experience Kevin brings to Rumplestiltskin, takes a band that was already at the top to unbelievable!
Kevins time performing with R. Kelley and other touring artists and at the same time serving as Minister of music at his church gives him a perspective on music that's priceless. Kevins tasteful guitar solos on numerous smooth jazz songs to the powerful solo on Journey's "Don't stop believin" displays a small sample of his emence talent.

GREG SMITH  Keyboards  Greg was the keyboard player early in the bands career. After years of trying to get him back into the band, he finally came back. His classical training and years of experience touring with notable artist has given him that little extra that makes RUMPLESTILTSKIN sound like a record.